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As i traverse the long lonely road
I am captivated by nothingness
And the never ending abyss
With neither a sound to distract
I see the inner sanctum of myself
Crying out, breaking free
On the brink of destruction
Imprisoned by self torment
Wondering where i will rest
Wondering when it will end.


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Time heals

When the heart doesn’t skip a beat
And the longing is not that fierce.
When the tears don’t come anymore
And the memories are without color

When the meaning of a name becomes ordinary
And the words spoken sound plain
When the actions are without meaning
And the song has lost its melody

Then you know the bond is broken
The hold has loosened
The wound has healed
You are free.

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Waiting in vain

Counting the seconds as the clock tick by
While the shadows on the wall get more pronounced
And the outside world is blanketed by darkness

I sit alone and wait for something
That might help withstand the vise
Gripping my heart, suffocating my being.

As dark as the midnight sky
I remain clueless and I wait
In vain. Always in pain.

LTL 25April2007

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