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Bull’s eye

It started with a simple email exchange that gradually turned to texting and calling until finally we were going out on dates. The connection was as innocent as it can get, because as he kindly put it towards the end of the madness, we didn’t even kiss.

We can’t seem to get enough compliment from each other that a text message is expected every 15 minutes or so. We didn’t exactly burn the lines but almost erased the numbers and letters off our keypads.

Didn’t I try to stop? I did. I tried to walk away but after a simple “Don’t say goodbye” and promises of devotion from my favorite past time, I stayed put for another few weeks. Silly me for believing his every word.

My friend though was very good at words. It amazes me up to now how my resolve to put a stop to it would crumble because of his ability to convince me that what we had was special. He said it would transcend time, distance and whatever “wordly” feelings we have for each other. And so I fell,  hook, line and sinker.

As every twisted story is likely to end abruptly, ours did. He said I was too literal. What he probably meant was, I misinterpreted his intentions and saw something that was not really there in the first place. I guess I did.

How did he hold up? As expected, he moved on faster than a speeding bullet.



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Hello world!

Hope I can turn this site into something worth visiting.

I can be considered a novice. Be kind. 🙂

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